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My Yamaha XS650 Page

No one ever forgets their first time... do they? Well, in my case, it was the 1978 Yamaha XS650E! Although not my first road bike (that was a 1972 Honda CB450), it was the one I considered my first real full-size street motorcycle. Simple, timeless styling, easy to work on, economical, looks good, sounds good, lots of torque and plenty of power, it is the quinissential motorcycle. Of course, back in the day, a 650cc motorcycle was still considered BIIIIIIIG. These days, a 650 is considered a starter bike (lol). Well, no matter, this is THE BIKE on which I had my first taste of the open road and some nice long distance travel. I took my first motorcycle vacation on this one, to sleepy (and rainy) Hendersonville, NC. What a trip that was... four of us on three bikes, my brother Bob and me on twin XS's and our friend Lowrey and his wife Pia on a GS750. We really took the scenic route on that trip, including a trip across the Lewes-Cape May Ferry as well as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Not to be discounted, I also courted my wife on this bike (and a few before her, shhssh now!), so there are, lets say, lots of memories built into THIS one. Needless to say, this is one motorcycle that will live in infamy!

Click Here to Hear my XSive 650 run through the gears!

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