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My SRX600 Page!

The Yamaha SRX600 is a rare bike with a cult following. Some say that it's a sportier version of the Yamaha SR500, but in reality they are two diferent bikes altogether. The SRX was only imported for one year, so every one in the country is a 1986 model. It is a factory cafe racer style, replete with clip-on bars, rearset pegs, kick-start only, single cylinder 600cc bike with four valves, two carburetors and two exhaust pipes. It's 340 pounds soaking wet, has fantastic triple disc brakes, and a fully adjustable suspension. In short, this bikes goes, handles and stops like nobody's business!

Add to that the bike's rarity and relative obscurity, and you have the makings of a motorcycle that's both desirable to ride AND own. In motorcycle circles, you either know and love this bike, or you've never seen one before... there's no in between.

One manifestation of my MMS illness is buying, then selling, then buying the same model of motorcycle over again. I've done it with at least three motorcycles on these pages, including this one, so this is the second time that I'vwe owned an SRX600. Here are some photos of my first one, a 1986 model

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