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My Honda CB-X Page!

The Venerable Honda CB-X, a 1056cc inline six cylinder with 24 valves and a whole lot of reciprocatin' goin' on! This is one complicated piece of machinery. It's so wide from the front, I nicknamed it the AIRDAM. I'm happy to report that I reached my goal of getting the beast back on the road by Labor Day 2008. With engine back in frame, brakes rebuilt and carbs 98% sorted, it's back on the road after spending the last four years in bits. It's great to be able to finally put some shakedown miles on the beast. I still have to figure out why I can only squeeze out 31 mpg at best, even with carb settings which should be well on the lean side. She still needs new valve stem seals, but that'll have to wait. In the meantime, what a sweet ride. Current work includes fitting a newly purchased GIVI 755 windscreen. Will post photos when done.

Click Here to Hear the CB-X run through the gears!

My Favorite Things About the CB-X

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